Friday, May 28, 2010

Scary stuff

This is taking place a few miles north and east of here. Note the passage I have highlighted in bold face italics:


By Leo W. Banks

They spent ten winters hunting quail in the sun. But those halcyon days ended last week for Terrie and Glen Stoller. Smugglers -- armed, numerous, and brazen -- have frightened them off their southeast Arizona property.

The couple is selling their home, 45 miles north of the Mexican border in the notorious Chiricahua Corridor.

"Last winter," says Terrie, "as we walked the hills looking for quail with our dogs, I kept thinking, ‘What if we come upon a drug encampment? What's going to happen to us?' I carry a camera, my husband carries a 12-gauge for quail, and we have four hunting dogs. It'd be the end of us. It'd be no contest against drug runners carrying rifles and big weapons."

Glen likens the family to frontier homesteaders loading a wagon and returning home. "Cochise has won," he says, referring to the Apache chief who made the Chiricahua Mountains his homeland. "The Indians are running us off."

I drove out to the Stoller place for moving day. Their winter retreat is a modest, Santa Fe-style manufactured home west of Highway 80, at the mouth of Horseshoe Canyon.

The couple, both 71, made a party of their last hours in Arizona. Terrie had lunch ready for dear friends who came to help pack. Others drove to the barbed wire fence around the property, threw their arms wide and said, "Let's have a goodbye hug."

It was a sad day, made more so by events in Washington.

At the precise moment Americans citizens were saying a wrenching farewell to their friends and property, President Obama stood on the White House lawn and listened as Mexican President Felipe Calderón criticized SB 1070, Arizona's own effort to deal with a state under siege.

Obama offered no correction or objection, and what a shock to see an American president acquiesce to a foreign leader's interference in the affairs of sovereign Arizona.

But Obama and his cabinet have had plenty to say about SB1070 on other occasions, and most of it has been nakedly political, uninformed, and demagogic.

The day after the Stollers' move, we were treated to a second spectacle -- Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, most of them, standing to cheer as Calderón repeated his slanders against Arizona.

Do we even need to mention the shameful treatment by the government of Mexico of migrants passing through that country -- the rapes, beatings, and robberies to which they're routinely subjected?

Do we need to mention Mexico practically shoving its people out of the country to take advantage of their hard labors here, and the billions they send back to shore up the economic and human rights basket case Calderón oversees?

The hypocrisy bends the mind.

Finally, this week, two months after Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Republican Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl asked for help to defend the state's border, the president agreed to send "up to 1,200" National Guard troops and request $500 million in supplemental spending for added security measures.

More money is always welcome, but everything hinges on how it is spent. The troop commitment is more symbolic than real, and the details here are critical, too. How many of the "up to 1,200" will be sent to Arizona? Our border with Mexico is 380 miles long. Our representatives asked for 3,000 soldiers in Arizona alone.

Will the National Guard be stationed right on the line, with bullets in their guns and the authority to defend themselves? Almost certainly not. The border is a "combat zone," says T.J. Bonner, head of the Border patrol agents' union, too dangerous even for Border Patrol.

You read that correctly. Without armored vehicles to protect them, Bonner opposes putting Border Patrol agents on the border itself.

But the Stollers and friends kept Washington's alternate reality far away this day. They worked, chatted, and reminisced as the moving trucks filled up. It was a blue-sky morning in this rural valley on the Arizona-New Mexico line.

The landscape here is among the Southwest's most beautiful, big beyond imagining, with waving grasses, dirt roads that never end, and hidden canyons that twist through the Chiricahuas and their sister mountains, the Peloncillos, on the New Mexico side.

But smugglers of both people and drugs now control those ranges, and these dangerous men have transformed life here. Some residents carry weapons inside their houses. Others grab a firearm to step out to the garage or the storage shed, or to go to the market.

The Stollers own a nursery in California and grow grapevines for farmers and wineries. When they began wintering in Arizona, they never locked their doors, even though they encountered illegals who'd ask for water or food, sending Glen to the fridge for leftovers.

"We didn't feel it was our job to turn them in. We felt sorry for them," says Terrie. "Work is hard to find in Mexico, and they're just trying to feed their families."

But that began to change several years ago as break-ins mounted, with reports of guns stolen. The Stollers themselves were broken into in May last year and again in June, and in January, a retired couple living a mile north suffered a home invasion by two illegals, one carrying a machete.

"It all built up," says Terrie. "The Apache School was being totally ruined and trashed and everything taken out of it. Then Rob Krentz was killed March 27, and he was just down the road."

One of Terrie's pressing fears was for her beloved Llewellin setter hunting dogs.

At night, the animals would often respond to a coyote and charge out the doggie door to investigate. Terrie says she'd lie awake listening for their return, hoping she wouldn't have to "go out and find them with a bullet in them next morning."

"It didn't happen, thank goodness," she says. "But we didn't want it to happen, and we became fearful enough we finally said, 'That's it. We can't stay.'"

The Stollers could be forgiven for harboring bitterness. But it's not in their nature. Terrie acknowledges feeling some anger, although her primary emotion is sadness.

"We don't know who to blame," she says. "Is it the government's fault? Is it people taking drugs in America? Is it Mexico for allowing it to happen? There's no use blaming anyone. It's just a sad state of affairs. We've met so many wonderful people in Arizona, and we're just keeping our fingers crossed nothing happens to them."

In one respect, the Stollers are fortunate. They've found a likely buyer, a fellow who grew up here and wants to return to the valley in retirement. Selling the place through a real estate agent to someone just coming in, without local ties, would've been impossible.

"Nobody in their right mind would even look at it, knowing what's going on here," says Terrie.

Property values are plunging across the borderlands. I got an e-mail last week from retired Cochise County judge Rich Winkler, 71, who always dreamed of owning a cattle ranch. He lives outside Rodeo, six miles from the Stollers and fifty miles north of the Mexican line.

His ranch is in the Peloncillos. Here is what he wrote:

Mary and I have worked all our life to pay for this place, and now they tell me it is worth nothing because no one will buy it. I don't blame them. Helen Snyder sells real estate in the area and she said that since Rob's death, the market is dead it the water. I can't believe my country would leave me high and dry like this.

If the heartbreak Winkler feels doesn't leap from those words, read them again. Heartbreak is everywhere here, every day.

Wendy Glenn, with husband Warner, lives on a ranch right on the border east of Douglas, and she's a throwback, as tough as they make them. But she choked up likening the Stollers' moving day to a funeral.

As she carried boxes out to the truck, Glenn said, "This is God's country, and it's being taken away from us."

Leo W. Banks covers the border for the Tucson Weekly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

At last, someone is asking us!

Main Image

Here’s your chance to tell someone in Congress what programs you think should be scrapped from the bloated Federal budget.

Here’s how GOP Whip Eric Cantor explains it:

YouCut – a first-of-its-kind project - is designed to defeat the permissive culture of runaway spending in Congress. It allows you to vote, both online and on your cell phone, on spending cuts that you want to see the House enact. America is at a crossroads and the choices we make at this critical time will determine what kind of country we want to be. To get back on the right path, Congress must start to make some choices that simply can't be delayed any longer. While we won't be able to solve our deficit problems overnight or with one silver bullet, we can and we must begin to replace the culture of spending that now dominates Washington with a culture of savings. Just imagine if your government was as focused on saving money as it is on spending money.

Here are today’s choices:

  1. Byrd Honors Scholarships
    $42 Million in Savings in the First Year
    ($420 Million Over Ten Years)

    The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships program provides grants to States to provide $1,500 a year scholarships for up to four years to high-performing high school students entering an undergraduate course of study. The Obama Administration proposed terminating this program in their annual budget, stating "Byrd Scholarships are only available to a small number of elite students (around 0.3 percent of first-time postsecondary students receive the scholarship), and States are prohibited from considering financial need when awarding the scholarships. Reliable performance data are not available, and the design of the program suggests these scholarships do not generally facilitate postsecondary education opportunities that would not otherwise be possible for awardees. Given the high academic performance of the students who receive the award, many of these students would still enter an undergraduate course of study and graduate even without receiving the scholarship."
  2. Eliminate the Proposed Federal Employee Pay Raise
    Approximately $2 Billion in the First Year
    (Approximately $30 Billion Over Ten Years)

    As part of his budget, President Obama proposed providing federal civilian employees with a 1.4% pay raise next year. This year Federal employees received a 2% raise and since the year 2000 have received raises averaging 3.6% a year. USA Today recently reported that the typical federal worker is paid 20% more than a private-sector worker in the same occupation (median salary). This doesn’t include the value of benefits like health care and retirement. This proposal would expand upon the just enacted legislation to prevent Members of Congress from receiving a pay raise. This proposal would not impact the scheduled 1.4% pay raise for those in the military.
  3. Suspend Federal Land Purchases
    $266 Million in Savings in the First Year
    ($2.66 Billion Over Ten Years)

    Last year Congress spent $266 million acquiring additional federal lands at the Departments of Interior and Agriculture. This is a 138% increase over the comparable amount of funding just four years ago. Given that the federal government already owns 29% of the land in America and has a multi-billion dollar maintenance backlog to maintain current land holdings, suspending new federal land purchases for five years would permit the government to focus on maintaining existing property while also saving taxpayers millions of dollars a year.
  4. Terminate Funding for UNESCO
    $81 Million in Savings in the First Year
    ($810 Million Over Ten Years)

    Last year the administration proposed deleting the Department of Education’s attaché to UNESCO saving approximately $632,000 a year. Terminating U.S. support for UNESCO entirely would save taxpayers $81 million annually. The U.S. had not supported UNESCO for 19 years prior to the decision by the Bush Administration to rejoin in 2003. UNESCO routinely undertakes activities that are properly the responsibility of individual countries and their governments, including reviewing and making recommendations in areas related to education, arts, culture, ethics, science and technology, and historic preservation. UNESCO recently came under fire for their proposed International Guidelines for Sexuality Education. Membership provides little benefit to American taxpayers in light of the overall cost.
  5. Eliminate Mohair Subsidies
    Approximately $1 Million in Savings in the First Year
    ($10 Million Over Ten Years)

    Federal price support for mohair was first enacted in 1947. The National Wool Act of 1954 established direct payments for wool and mohair producers. The purpose of the program was to encourage production of wool because it was considered an essential and strategic commodity. According to the Congressional Research Service, no similar purpose was stated for the mohair program. While this program was phased out in 1995, ad hoc payments were provided in 1999 and 2000 and the program was reinstituted in 2002. Eliminating this program once again would save taxpayers approximately $1 million a year. (Also proposed as part of the RSC Sunset Caucus.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here’s your chance to know something Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano don’t know

The full text of the new Arizona immigration law.

A new hope for 2012?

No ambiguity here

Lying weasel

Fred Thompson, speaking on Fox and Friends this morning, called Blumenthal “a lying weasel.” I think Thompson showed remarkable restraint.

And what about those guys sharing the stage with him? Do they dare show their faces at their local American Legion or VFW hall today?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A shameful spectacle

Connecticut Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal’s remarks today about how he “misspoke” about his Vietnam era military service were about as ridiculous as Eric “Otter” Stratton’s defense of Delta Tau Delta in Animal House.

Not counting most of Obama’s public utterances, it was the most disingenuous load of political horseshit I’ve heard in years.

I listened to the press conference on XM satellite radio on my way home from Cape Girardeau. It was mind-numbing how this pathetic weasel tried to spin the issue as an attack on his service record. He did everything he could to avoid confronting the fact that he knowingly and deliberately lied when he repeatedly claimed to have served in Vietnam when, in fact, his six years of service with the Marine Corps Reserve were all stateside. I was in the U.S. Air Force briefly during the Vietnam era, but have way too much admiration and respect for those who fought and died to ever, ever pretend I was anywhere near Vietnam and actual combat. It’s unfortunate that tarring and feathering has gone out of style.

I couldn’t hear the reporters’ questions very well, but it was clear that they weren’t buying it despite the applause from the Blumenthal shills in the audience. And I heard at least one reporter suggest that Blumenthal lied instead of simply misspoke.

That The New York Times broke this story is particularly telling, given their penchant for overlooking the sins of Democrats.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An endless stream

borderintruders has placed motion-activated cameras along several trails used by illegals crossing into Arizona from Mexico and what they captured boggles the mind. Go look for yourself.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Absolutely chilling

This should be on the front page of every newspaper in the U.S. and the lead story on every network newscast.

Bats right, thinks left

kagan softball So Elana Kagan played softball in 1993. Why the gay rights crowd thinks the Wall Street Journal publishing a picture of her playing softball is somehow outing her as a lesbian is beyond my comprehension.

She may bat right-handed, but ideologically she’s a leftie and that’s what I don’t like about her nomination to the Supreme Court.

I’d like to see a list of activities and situations the gay rights folks have decided are stereotypical of gays, considering that they’re constantly lecturing us about being blind to sexual orientation.

Obama’s thug army campaigning for Bill Halter in Arkansas Senate Race

Just got a phone call from some guy named Bruce who wanted to know who I plan to vote for in the Democratic primary – Bill Halter or Blanche Lincoln.

I informed him that I’m voting for neither because I’m a Republican.

He muttered something then read his script about the call being paid for by SEIU.

“Oh, Obama’s thugs, eh?” I replied and hung up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rep. Carson (D-Indiana) plays the race card

Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Protesters Are ‘One of the Largest Threats to our Internal Security’

Hardly a surprise. He "inherited" the seat from his hideously corrupt mother. After all, for the Democrats, everything is about about race and promoting class warfare.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 10 dumbest things said about the Arizona immigration law | Washington Examiner

Top 10 dumbest things said about the Arizona immigration law | Washington Examiner

Going political

alexander bumpersticker 

This is the first political bumper sticker I’ve put on one of my cars in 42 years.

Way back in 1968, I had a Eugene McCarthy bumper sticker on the back of my ‘65 VW beetle. Yeah, I know. Times change and people grow up and their political views mature. At least that’s true for some of us.

Even though I’ve liked other candidates since then, I was in the newspaper business and people who want to be taken seriously as objective reporters don’t go around advertising their political preferences. Now that I’m retired, I’m no longer bound by that concern. Not so with Maria. The most controversial bumper sticker he will allow on her Subaru Forester is says, “My Australian shepherd is smarter than your honor student.” And she also has a Bernina license plate frame I bought for her.

Randy Alexander, as I blogged weekend before last, is my choice among the eight guys who are running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Arkansas. (The winner will face either incumbent Blanche Lincoln or Bill Halter in the November general election.) I offered my assistance when I met him in Little Rock and he called me last night to say he was in Jonesboro and wondered if he could drop off some yard signs with me. We rendezvoused a few minutes ago in the Hastings parking lot and now I have a baker’s dozen of his yard signs in the trunk of my del Sol and an Alexander bumper sticker on the trunk lid.

The primary is two weeks from today and Alexander is a long shot, but he had all the right answers at the APME forum last month. He was the only candidate to call “man-caused climate change” what it is - “junk science” designed to further a nefarious political agenda. Check out his web site and his positions on the issues at

If you’d like a yard sign or a bumper sticker, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This is from conservative blogger Ann Barnhardt and is probably worth your time:


AnnBlendedI had never heard the word “dhimmitude” until now.

Type it into Google and start reading.  Pretty interesting.  (And pretty scary )

Also, Google "Dhimmitude and Obama Care" to see the connection  from another angle.  Below is another link to explain this.

Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND a> a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

ObamaCare is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to buy insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be "gambling," "risk-taking" and  "usury" and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this. How convenient. So I, Ann Barnhardt, a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. Period. This is Dhimmitude.

Dhimmitude  serves two purposes: it enriches the Muslim masters AND serves to drive conversions to Islam. In this case, the incentive to convert to Islam will be taken up by those in the inner-cities as well as the godless Generation X, Y and Z types who have no moral anchor. If you don't  believe in Christ to begin with, it is no problem whatsoever to sell Him for 30 pieces of silver. "Sure, I'll be a Muslim if it means free health insurance and no taxes. Where do I sign, bro?"

Bad craziness

Taliban claims credit for abortive Times Square bombing and a pipe bomb is found in Pittsburgh.

After all, illegal means criminal

My first wife, who is a conservative Arizona resident, emailed this analysis to me this morning. I think it puts the illegal immigrant argument into sharp relief:

You have two families:  "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".
Both families have two parents, two children, and live in California.
Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number
And makes $25 per hour with taxes deducted.
Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number,
And gets paid $15 cash per hour "under the table".
Ready?  Now pay attention ..

Joe Legal: $25 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000 per year.
Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has $31,231.
Jose Illegal: $15 per hour x 40 hours = $600 per week, or $31,200 per year.
Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family
At $600 per month, or $7,200 per year. Joe Legal now has $24,031.
Jose Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state
And local clinics at a cost of $0 per year. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.

Joe Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare.
Joe Legal pays $500 per month for food, or $6,000 per year.
Joe Legal now has $18,031.
Jose Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps and welfare.
Jose Illegal still has $31,200.

Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200 per month, or $14,400 per year.
Joe Legal now has $9,631.
Jose Illegal receives a $500 per month federal rent subsidy. Jose Illegal pays out that $500 per month, or $6,000 per year. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.

Joe Legal pays $200 per month, or $2,400 for insurance.  Joe Legal now has $7,231.
Jose Illegal says, "We don't need no stinking' insurance!" and still has $31,200.

Joe Legal has to make his $7,231 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc.
Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline,
And what he sends out of the country every month.

Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after work.
Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family.

Joe Legal's and Jose Illegal's children both attend the same school..
Joe Legal pays for his children's lunches while Jose Illegal's children get
A government sponsored lunch. Jose Illegal's children have an after school ESL program.
Joe Legal's children go home.

Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services,
But Joe paid for them and Jose did not.

Do you get it, now?
If you vote for or support any politician that supports illegal aliens, you are part of the problem!
It's way PAST time to take a stand for America and Americans!